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Peace in our time victory
Well, I managed to pact with the entire world and maintain it until I got to MMI and won. Played Lal on standard map of planet, ran Demo because Miriam and Yang wasn't around to complain, didn't run any other SE settings (usually I swap SE settings before chatting... which is dubious but nessecary to mantain any form of lasting peace, but in this case seeing my only objective was peace I decided it would be cheating).
This is my first try at winning by true dimplomacy so I'm rigging it in my favour, with the friendly 6, Dee, Morgan, Zak, Aki, Domai and Roze.

I had the entire crater continent to myself (but that also meant I didn't get any early "easy" pacts). I knew I had to keep my reputation noble and my might lowish, I sent a colony pod to the nexus, gaining a much needed +1 planet and basically spread my cities out very thin, and only used a few formers only to build forest (I didn't even bother with roads for half the game). Once I got doc flex I went out to meet people and ran into a datatech unit, got offered a pact against another faction, while I usually jump at these offers I refused but secured a treaty and some tech. Before long I had also met Dee, Zak and Aki and got treaties with all (they all on the freshwater sea continent). Roze and Zak pacted with me.

I idley watched as the HGP, WP, CN and ME went past but bagged me the VW and later the Empath Guild. I decided I may as well build some net nodes and other facilties, especially money echancing ones. I was average on the might chart, in fact everyone was average.

Aki had sailed over to Monsoon jungle but apparently hadn't met the natives, one of my captured isles ran into Morgan Industries and "Morgan always say yes" said yes to a pact and also passed on the commlink for domai who I got a treaty with. Council elections and I win easy (in fact I had won before I even voted)

By 2170 I had pacts with everyone, I thought it may have been enough to win, but no joy. Only three can win co-op. Oh well. Aki had been the last to pact, but I find comm another faction enough and accept there requests/demands and sooner of later they offer You a pact. The commerce income is obscene, with my bases commerce boxes full.

Now the great brother Lal has the daunting task on mantaining world peace, whenever someone researches something I get it from them and trade it on to everyone else, keeping the research really rolling. The AI's diplomacy mostly seems to be half treaties half truces, apparently AI's only pact against a common threat, and thanks to me there is no threat on Chiron greater than the worms.

Zak is being a **** and keeps on declaring war on Roze (Roze probably started it though..), I scold him and he restores the treaty. Poor little Dee hasn't researched anything in years and hence I havn't given her my tech either, and suddenly she has conquered a Morgan city (she must of sailed over) I tell her off and she restores the treaty, I also give dee all of my tech. (keeping them with balanced tech seems to encourage peace, as well as keeping the might balanced)
I see a captured sealurk for the first time ever, Dee must have nabbed one with her isles.

~2210 and Morgan researches Fusion power so I pass it onto everyone else and rush buy fusion labs at my bases, I'm making sure not to fall behind, using tree farms and GA pop booming to keep my might about average. Domai is actually getting quite unpleasent, his might is highest by quite a bit and his mood is falling, but with all of my gifts there is no chance of losing the pact, and he isn't attacking anyone else.

Domai is being a jerk and wont give up planetary economics, thankfully his industry allows him to complete the SP in good time and then it is global trade pact time. My commerce truly is awesome.

With all the damn discoverers D:AP and Neural Grafting havn't arrived and I set about researching them myself, altough I manage to trade for D:AP.

2233 I have MMI and call the election, Doh, I had called the trade pact 9 years ago. Oh well. It's strange finally getting to MMI and not thinking of it as "gas'n'drown time"

2234 I call the election, All but Domai and Zak vote for me, which with my vote isn't quite 3/4 so I use some of that commerce income changing the NAY's to YAY's and win. Final score 168% Proves it is possible to have lasting peace, atleast under the right conditions.

It's probably about the easiest win I have had ever, suprising since I didn't use Crawlers, probes or military units.

Next I'm going to try with the more violent ones, Yang, Miriam, Santigo, Sven, Cha Dawn (shudder), can't have aliens, so the last one can be Lal. Green and Power are the only acceptable SE settings. I'll need luck keeping all the bloody warmongers from chewing each other up. I'll probably play as Zak, Dee or Roze, Dee would be good allowing rapid scouting, a native "peacekeeping" army and +4 effic, Roze's techshare would be usful because often SP techs get traded around the AI's before they give it to human pactmates.

It could be called the UDC, Ultimate Diplomacy Challenge, win via vote without using military units
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