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Originally posted by ThePlagueRat
Aha. doojamies. That was a new one...
I played Usurper alien once, and it was just a total conquest.


Yesterday I made it.
I successfully cornered the Energy market on Transcend, playing the so called the "Peacekeepers" (I had Aki Zeta Blondiegirl executed) Then I sold all my fusion labs and hab complexes, etc.
I had to, cause the price rose from 7000 to 8000 credits very fast!
I have yet to see an economic victory so cheap. It's always been at least 20K for me. (Which, with Morgan, isn't that tough to come up with.) But in my subseqent efforts I haven't gotten off even that cheaply.
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Originally posted by bbailey
This turned out not to be as hard as I thought. I am not sure what I was doing wrong the first few times I tried a transcend level economic victory, cause I never even got close before.
Despite my initial success, I have not been able to repeat this trick. Although once I was just about to I was hit with the global energy market collapse. The other times, better means to victory were within reach by the time funds were sufficient. This exercise was not without its interest for me, as I never fully appreciated Free Market nor Wealth before trying this.
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Neither did I practise Freemarket or Wealth, but I built the Planetary Energy Grid, though... And had the highest pop-size, tech, and income. On the Trancend level I find it very hard to get the Secret Projects done in time, and to lead the tech race.

However I sat tech rate to 0% when I was aiming for economic victory and the AI aliens pushed forth on tech and got missiles.
Kinda risky gamble.

This price below 10K is the first time I have seen. Usually above 20K as you say. When it's so low as I experienced, it might have been caused by the other human factions nearly eradicated, and two poor-economic AI alien races building lotsa units to go to war.
It would have risen to above 20K quickly, I guess.
So I was lucky.
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