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You're a cynical opportunist, Pekka.

Just joking.
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I try not to. I don't think I do that often...maybe in debate...
"Chegitz, still angry about the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991?
You provide no source. You PROVIDE NOTHING! And yet you want to destroy capitalism.. you criminal..." - Fez

"I was hoping for a Communist utopia that would last forever." - Imran Siddiqui
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First off, Sava, you cannot ignore the historical racism that existed in the Northern states.

And Slowwhand, beings I will never be able to strangle an apology from you, I guess I have to drop it. Now, can you drop misportraying me as being a hater of white Southerners?

That past thread I created about states' rights and racism was not anti-Southern. I was pointing out a historical pattern of the Southern states.

Not all states' rights advocates used their position to try to preserve white supremacy -- for instance, a more legitimate issue connected with states' rights, was economic tariff.

I want to stop thread-jacking my thread now.
STFU and then GTFO!
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