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Important armour/weapons question! Lives are at stake!
The lives of my enemies that is. In the SMAC manual (nice manual btw) it says in the appendices, pages 144-145 that certain weapons can (this I garnered from the tables) ignore certain armour types. To clarify, the weapons are divided basically into two main "groups" of either Energy (fx all the "Laser" weapons plus the Tachyon Bolt) or Projectile weapons (Hand Weapons, Impactors, Missile Launchers, Chaos guns, the Pasma Shard and Graviton Gun).
The armour types are also divided, but this time into three basic types which are:
A) Those who only defend against Projectile weapons (This group only includes No Armour and Synthmetal armour).
B) Those who only defend against Energy weapons (This group includes Silksteel armour, the Photon Wall and Neutronium armour).
C) Those who defend against both weapon types, and are thus "better" (Includes the Plasma Steel, Probability Sheath, Antimatter Plate and finally the Stasis Generator).

During combat however, I find no anomalies with attacks or defence. Is there an explanation?
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Yes, in fact, there is an explanation. This feature was never implemented in the game when it was realeased and, following normal practices of most software companies, the manual was printed prior to realease therefore incorrect.
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wow, you scared me.

I thought I missed such important thing in the game...
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