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Smac 2
Just in case there is ever a SMAC 2 (c'mon civ3 is almost finished right)I have there 5 suggestions. Let me know what you think.

#1 "Assasination". There should be a probe team action that allows a player to assasinate a leader. The new leader may be more efficient or more incompetent that the previous one. For awhile the faction whose leader was assasinated will go into chaos until a new leader is declared.

#2 "Civil wars". During time of great unrest a faction may split in two. If this happens to a human controlled faction then the player would get the chance to play as either the current government or the rebels. A civil war would be an all out war for control of the faction. A "revolution" would be where part of your faction splits off and tries to start a new faction. Foreign factions could support either of the 2 factions involved in a civil war.

#3 "Independent cities". After mankind has been on planet for at least 150 years independent cities begin to sprout up. These can be absolved into factions by thier choice or by force or they could remain independent.
Independent cities don't attack but will defend themselves. They may even choose to form a faction if one large, prosperous, well defended independent city is surround by weaker neighboring independent cities.

#4 "Terms of surrender". Maybe I'm wrong but currently the benefits of accepting a surrender are not all that great. I say there should be terms to a surrender. like - The defeated faction must give over a certain number of thier bases, research, etc. If thier defeat is great enough you get to take control at will of thier military forces and even manage thier bases. Of course the more you play that hand the more likely a revolt. A faction that is in pact with you in this manner is said to be in your empire.

#5 "Cities should be alot harder to build". In many games cities become the equivalent of forts. Yes I know that many real cities started out as forts but what if we allowed players to have bases instead of contructing a city where a fort would be sufficient. If the area is of great importance maybe later the player could upgrade the fort to a city?

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