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The pact-brother I never knew
I just played a game as Roze on a random normal planet. After acquiring a "pet-domai", to quote someone i don't remember who on this forum, i went on to do the same with the next nearest person, cha dawn. after a few turns, the worm-loving kid has been finnaly submitted.

the idiot later went to war with hm'nee, and lost. i thought that was that, until i saw in one of my bases, commerce generated by the pact with him. i was curious as he was not on my commlink.

anyway, until long after air power, i received plenty of ofers from other factions offering to sell cha dawn's comm freq to me. i declined, because i don't think i need to be associated with the most pathetic looser in this particular game.

later hm'nee tried to sell me cha dawn's comm freq. i declined. then he said he will not tollerate my collaboration with my so called pact brother cha dawn and declared vendetta on me.

a few turns later, a squadron of seven noodles belonging to noe other than the mysterious prophet came into my base, and later proceeded to thwart a caretaker invasion party.

this went on through the middle game, with dawn's noodles zipping through my bases, with no contact, until the late game when my Blink String Skybase happened to pass beside cha dawn's base. that was when contact was finally re-established. that was when i could finally call another council, though i didn't really need to.

strange, no?
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Lefty Scaevola
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The loyal little fella just wanted a nice conversation with his adopted daddy, and you ignored him!
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But you'd have to admit that it's strange, with all those noodles zipping through, that contact was still not established. I mean when they landed in my bases, what were the pilots doing?

It took a skybase passing by a former to re-establish contact. Skybase! The thing floating 20 miles above the surface. Have you ever had such experiences?

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I thought you know the "cult-language". maybe you should take a lesson or two.
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