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Alpha Talent election campaign
I guess it becomes about time I start some sort of election campaign. Perhaps other people may follow this example, when they have a contested election. Personally though I'm not sure how I could promote myself, as Alpha talent is not a job where you have direct control over things like with DPO or governor. For these jobs you can really campaign and explain your plans. An Alpha Talent doesn't need any "grand plans". It's an organizing job. Making things run smoothly etcetera. As a consequence, I cannot post any ideas. I can only ask: Look at what I have done in the last month and judge me about that. Previous months the job of Alpha Talent was kind of neglected. It was basically only to start elections. Some months we didn't even have an alpha talent! I believe I can say I have changed that. I have proved the job can and does play an important part in the government. As example making the missing orders, which made things much easier compared to previous terms.

Of course the job of Alpha Talent requires taking unpopular decisions from time to time, which may upset some people. For example: proposing impeachments to the judges, informing people their polls or orders are illegal, annoying people by asking for delivering their orders on time repeatedly... I hope you won't judge my actions this term badly for that. It is simply something which needs to be done, though I wished I wouldn't have to. And I will probably have to do some unpopular things again should I be re-elected for next term. I can only promise I will have a neutral attitude when such a decision needs to be taken (though of course I won't stay neutral in RP discussions). I won't protect certain people, or be more strict against others. The "left" and "right' will be treated equally. I would still impeach Drogue, still be pissed off at Hercules for not posting orders, like I would still tell TKG and GT when their orders are illegal.
In short, I promise fairness and dedication.

Now I have said goodbye to regional governor politics (unlike my countercandidate ), I can concentrate me fully on our faction as a whole, without bias. Therefor I hope you will vote for me in the next elections, and give me the chance to further maintain the efficient government of our faction.

If you have any questions for me or my colleague TKG, please ask them. I'Ill try to answer them to the best of my abilities.


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