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Challenges in Hall of fame
I just looked at the hall of fame, and noticed the challenges (one city challenge and zero facilities challenge). I also noticed that there was a broken link to a forum thread, where the specifics (details of basic, advanced and ultimate challenge) were described.

Are there any long-time member here who actually remember these details, and is able to repost it here?
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Wow, you want some ooold timers.

Sorry, I haven't been there that long.....I'l try see if I can find it, but try PMing Googlie. He's been here for a while and he's the last poster I remember discussing the hall of fame challenges.
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I believe the details of the challenges are on either the ACStuff or Alpha Centauri Argentina websites. Sorry, but that's all I know.
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Here's a thread in which Vel discusses the OCC (=One City Challenge) rules:

Zero Facilities Challenge rules are more difficult to find. Here's a description taken from version 4 of Vel's guide:

1) Only the Standard Map of Planet is allowed.
2) The following game settings must be adhered to
a) Transcend/Ironman
b) Rare Lifeforms
c) Blind Research
d) Tech Stag
e) Aggressive AI
f) No spoils of war
g) Do or Die
3) You are not allowed to build any base facilities. These base facilities are not inclusive of those that come along with faction inheritance, or those provided by Secret Projects.
4) You are allowed to keep those base facilities left over from enemy's cities conquered (there is no need to recycle them).

If you're interested in other challenges, Vel's guide has lots more.
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No formers scenario is quite fun as you see the entire map taken up by crawlers each returning something like 1-2 nut or 1 mineral
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Is there a 'No Secret Projects Challenge'

Assume there must be, seems so obvious once you start saying 'I wont get Cloudbase, but I'll leave it in for the AI'....


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