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Zak's lack of ethics
In my current game, the PKs manhandled most of the factions and claim the continents I didn't. Everyone elses techs, a forest that they somehow managed to plant which literally covers their entire empire combined with a dozen or so size 9 or larger bases AND the HSA forced me to drop some PBs on them. Zak was submissive and broke the pact. Since I had conquered him right off the bat, his bases were basically intertwined with mine, and I snagged a size one colony he planted and threatened him. Next thing I know, one turn after I annihilated the PK continent, he was pacted with me again. That's never happened to me, so I thought it was cool. Usually no one ever talks to me again after I PB. That's all.
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Well.....I've certainly never seen either of those happen before (Submissive to a human break the pact, or people pacting after a PB shot when the charter's still up), but I suppose it fits in with Zak's character.
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Yeah - submissives will often break a slave pact when one commits an atrocity. But they are realists - if they are "pathetic" and you are "unsurpassed" they'll quickly knuckle under again

I've had that happen - Morgan when I was Miriam, 'cept I had given him about ten of his bases back and all the techs I researched/stole/extorted - so it took me about five turns to get my military back into position to threaten his bases, then he succumbed

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