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Official PEACE Constitution
Please vote if you would accept this document as our constitution

Constitution for the Pirate Expeditionary Armada and Chironian Explorers (PEACE)
(for public posting)
All captains who are a member of the Pirate Expeditionary Armada and Chironian Explorers (PEACE) shall not attack, loot, pillage, plunder, damage or capture the property of other member captain of cet orginasation. The yearly pay of each captain will consist of one crate of xenowine and 5 crates of xenorum each year. All PEACE citizens have the right to bear arm, but no PEACE citizen is allowed to use those arms against another PEACE citizen unless that citizens is guilty of mutiny or in case of a duel. Duels should preferably be decided in hand to hand combat.
No captain of the Pirate Expeditionary Armada and Chironian Explorers (PEACE) may attack bases and/or units of another faction unless the current faction leader has declared vendetta against the faction in question, or unless the current faction leader has authorized a surprise attack against cet faction.

(reserved for PEACE eyes only)
All captains reserve the right to take captured citizens from other faction as their slaves.
The PEACE faction will as long as it exists consider all oceans, sea's , other large bodies of water and any small island we can settle as it's soevereign territory, regardless of it's acutal territory. We declare this by right of the sea. Any faction constructing bases within the bounds of that territory Has given us enough reason to pronounce vendetta, immideatly or when the faction leader sees fit. If a faction is in possesion of a port base, considered vital to seaborne trade, PEACE captains have the right to capture these under circumstances stated above.
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