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PTWDGII Intro Page Ideas
First off, this post is much the same as one I posted in the PTWDG, but it's specifically for this forum. So mods please don't ban me for spam.

For those of you who don't frequent the general forum, Theseus has started an effort to give more visibility to Civ3 on 'Poly (go here: ). Part of that includes introduction pages for each of the democracy games. Since the democracy games are by nature a conglmeration of many people it's my opinion that the intro pages should have the input of many people.

Also we will need people that would be good at page design to work on the intro pages.

For the PTWDGII intro page, my own suggestions include a team intro written by each team (and bias is okay), and also include some stories about the game (granted not much has happened yet).

Please post thoughts you have to improve the intro page. Thanks.

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