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Join the Hive today!
Do you like writing stories? The hive is currently writing two stories that are related to Alpha Centuari. We would love to have more members that are interested in contributing.

In addition to the two serious stories, the hive also has an one sentence story you can contribute to. Where each person writes one sentence and passes it along. Read some of the hilarious outcomes that have developed.

Like writing funny newspaper articles? The hive has that too. We’re the most prolific newspaper writers in the ACDG (Alpha Centauri Democracy Game), and we will willing print even your most shoddy article.

Note the newspaper improves in later editions.

PRAVDA - The Hive Newsletter of the Peoples' Advisory Council
PRAVDA SPECIAL #1 - 12th May 2003 - Election Results
PRAVDA SPECIAL #2 - 16th May 2003 - Landing News
PRAVDA SPECIAL #3 - 19th May 2003 - Tass Tells Tall Tales
PRAVDA SPECIAL #4 - 23rd May 2003 - A First Glorious Millitary Victory
PRAVDA SPECIAL #5 - 27th May 2003 - A Terrible National Tragedy
PRAVDA SPECIAL #7 - 12th June 2003 - Glorious Democracy in Action!
PRAVDA SPECIAL #8 - 16th June 2003 - Or How I Learned To Love The Hive
PRAVDA SPECIAL #9 - 21st June 2003 - Comrade Claire Special Edition
PRAVDA SPECIAL #10 - 1st July 2003
PRAVDA SPECIAL #11 - 10th July 2003
PRAVDA SPECIAL #12 - 17th July 2003
PRAVDA SPECIAL #13 - 23rd July 2003 - The Lucky Pravda
PRAVDA SPECIAL #14 - A Glorious New Temporary Editor!
PRAVDE SPEICAL #14.5 - 4th August 2003 - Hive Diplomancy at Work

If you’re interested in increasing your post count at apolyton, we have many issues that need discussing. Such as making people’s cat’s emperor, and heated debates on where to plant that colony pod.

Do you enjoy making or voting in polls? We have those in abundance as we’re secretly running a democracy when it comes to playing the game.

If you’re hardened SMAC/SMAX veteran you can contribute ideas to making our faction more powerful. If you’re a new to all of this, then what better way to learn by reading all the discussion that occurs on the game.

Recently, the hive had been noted for it's popular comic strip parody. That is just a taste of the interesting happenings that occur in our private forums.

The news item can be found here.
The comic strips here.

What makes our faction so great to be in is the people. Numerous people running little projects that make being in the team fun. You too can contribute, making an already diverse team even more fun to play.

Which is why we would welcome you to sign up here.

Then send an private message to our team leader so he can authorise you to join.

Don't like the Hive?

Join one of the other factions in the ACDG.
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