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has anyone ever tried to transcend with only one city the entire game? (a la civ2 occ) i did it rather easily on the lowest difficulty by ~2350 or so. I'm really really bad at AC so I don't play on the higher difficulties much though...
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The hall of fame shows savegame files. Since I have trouble opening some of the files, I cannot tell if the OOC victory are transcend, but I do suspect so.
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o i c, i missed the hall of fame on the way in.

perusing it now, i feel more insignifigant than evar
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Tried it a quite a few times on transcend, so far i've managed to do it three times with the moderate one city challenge rules (no way am i trying the hard,no military to speak of allowed rofl). Really annoying when the AI gets so cocky and starts bossing you around later in the game, you just wanna load up a new one, get some crawlers and smack it into place so hard ..
Best SP in this has to be the planetary datalinks, usually its useless in a sp game but if you can try and keep the AI in competition with each other you get alot of free techs.

And btw don't try this in a small map ... Yang has killed me twice now just simply breaking a treaty with surprise attack, in comes 30 planes wipes out all crawlers then 6 infantry and rovers appear right next to the base and game over
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Heh Laz, I just did try it on a small map, with a lovely location on a tiny continent sandwiched between Mim and Yang. They were always at war with each other and marching through my territory. I was giving the AI gifts every turn. Then Yang said the time had come to rid planet of... yadda yadda yadda. His noodles came and wiped all my crawlers, but he didn't invade on the ground. I built clean AAA Nutronium garrisons and put them all over, then sent my new crawlers out to work "under cover" Yang just flew his planes around untill they died. I built a couple of shard copters just in case, and they picked off the half-hearted ground attacks with ease. It was fun.

(I was Lal BTW)

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