View Poll Results: What shall our new Democracy Game be?
Single human team vs AI, no special conditions 0 0%
Single human team vs AI with self-limitations 1 6.67%
ingle human team vs AI with Googlie (or someone) changes to make for a challenge 10 66.67%
human team vs AI and some (individual or small groups of) humans playing as opponent factions in a PBEM 4 26.67%
something else....? 0 0%
Voters: 15. You may not vote on this poll

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New Democracy Game: What shall it be?
We seem to have interested a few in this, so let's decide what we want to do!

Options seen so far are:
  • Single human team vs AI, no special conditions
  • Single human team vs AI with self-limitations (eg we can't build Secret Projects or Crawlers)
  • Single human team vs AI with Googlie twisting things to make a challenge (eg for a really harsh version see below)

    Originally posted by Googlie
    Morgan, with a prebuilt energy park crawling with crawlers, each in a bunker defended by a 1/8AAA/1*3 unit, marked as objectives (so the AI doesn't muck about with them) and lurking for 100 years

    So you'd have to survive to 2220 to see Morgan corner the market (or take out his HQ first)

    In a permapact (but not submissive/master) with .......

    Marr, with Roze in submission (who, of course, starts with everyone infiltrated), and the alphax.txt putting nervegas' prereq as Secrets of Creation(so that you get it just 2 techs before the AI can enable the Progenitor Battlefleet via Singularity Mechanics ...... oh, and give the Aliens a subspace generator pre-built in six bases, so that they just have to have these bases by size 10 and research Singularity to summon the fleet. Or maybe set it at size 15, but give Marr AV so that he's not hanging around for Super Tensiles)

    That's 3 AI

    What else ...

    Oh - also have Morgan permapacted with his buddy .....

    Lal, set up as a master with Deirdre and Dawn as submissives, give Lal the EG and CI, give Dee the PTS and the HGP, and start Cha in the Jungle and give him the CV and LV. Set Lal up for a co-op victory as El Supremo.

    What have I missed?

    Sounds like a challenge? - survive against the Energy King, the Alien battlefleet and Lal's Emperor complex. Turn off conquest victory so that Transcendence is really the only option for the human team
  • human team vs AI and some (individual or small groups of) humans playing as opponent factions in a PBEM
  • something else....?
So let us know what we should push for, as no-one is going to do anything until someone else does, and I won't do anything until I know what people want most!

Back to the ROOTS of addiction. My first missed poll!
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