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My place in the Hive
I've finally realised why I've been avoiding making any major decisions on behalf of the hive.

Corellian said in the turn tracking thread that I should just play the turn. I considered doing it, but something stopped me. After thinking about what stopped me I wrote this post.

For about 10 minutes I considered stuffing all the team stuff and just posting the turn. In fact I got up to the start of unzipping the file and starting SMAX.

However, when I thought about it I realised that if I made all the decisions by myself without the input of the others then it would just degenerate into a PBEM.

To make it worse cutting the other members of my faction out of the decision making process would result in Hive members leaving due to lack of interest. I was given the power to make too many of the minor decisions myself. The result has been apathy in relation to details of each turn. That's not what I want, so recently I've been trying to more actively involve my team mates in the smaller details.

Fortunately so far I've been smart and stayed clear of making any major decisions for the Hive. If I start making big decisions without their input the Hive would run the risk of apathy to the ACDG in general. Playing each turn by myself would quickly get boring for me.
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