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The diplomatic update thread
THis thread is ONLY for the most recent diplomatic news in a concise form. I will post messages and we can have our debates in other threads. The sole purpose of this thread is to give people a quick update of our dealings with the other factions

Cycon-- supposedly our allies. PACT broken by them in 2140 now TREATY-- They owe us a tech from an old deal-- Operations folk sent doc ini pre-accepted in the diplo box even though no deal was made on the diplomatic front .. Their PM informing us of the pact break indicates their ambassador was inactive so they would not have gotten our doc ini message

University-- Friendly relations . . . PACT. we have traded with them easily and with a minimum of fuss.

Drones -- minimal relations as we met them recently . . Treaty . . They recently offered eth calc for doc flex but I had to refuse as we already had a deal for eth calc . . I inquired as to other possible offers.

Hive . . good relations, pact Oct 8. . . deals made with minimum of fuss ... contacted us on Dec 2 ( year 2147)wishing to discuss possible deals.

Miriam-- AI -- has non linear maths-- possible probe victim or will she trade it ??

Roze -- AI friendly relations IIRC-- future military victim as she seems relatively undefended and has a nice little homeland...

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I suggest trying to trade with miriam first considering her +2 to probe. If that fails, then you should attempt to probe her for it.

Crush Roze.
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Crush Roze
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Cap'n/Ambas'dor Flubber, I don't mean to spam your thread, but having checked it out a few times since you set it up I find that it would be helpful to know when things were last updated - so I can tell if the info in here is older, newer or the same as info I have otherwise, like from posts or emails. Obviously you won't be updating this thing constantly, so no matter how diligent you are, there will still be times where there is a lag time before stuff gets in here; OTOH, you may put fresh info in here that until that moment was known only to you. I would think it would be better to date the info by faction, but that would be a PIA in some circumstances (like if you plan to do periodic complete updates instead of changing individual entries whenever something happens); so if you want to use a global date, go ahead -long as you remember to update everything whenever you change the date (and not to put in new info without changing the date because you didn't have time to update everything - you coiuld always put a separate date for a faction that was updated ahead ot the others). I imagine that the dates in Chiron time rather than our time would be more useful although I could see it the other way sometimes, so use your judgement or use both.
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Any information about the current state of diplomatic affairs?
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