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Just cut 'n' paste this text in response to any message on a UseNet newsgroup or PoE, Lego, or Adult Baby message board and YUO HAVE WON TEH ARGUMENT!

Your Mad Hatter post:

I'm apparently everyone you've ever hated in your life. I'm so happy to have taken on that role. In other words, halfway through your "counter argument", you suddenly realized that you were full of shit and nothing you were babbling made any sense what so fucking ever, so you paniced and we're all like, "Duh...uh...er...YOU WEAR TEH DIAPERS!!1!" My models are made in the real world before they're ever made in the computer. And in fact the ones built on the computer aren't as accurate as the real model because my skill in design is so great it actually goes beyond the limitations of the program. Wow, you say so much without saying anything at all, truly an amazing gift, your parents must be *SO* proud of you. For reference though, Uberst00pid, what I had was a lovely simile, no not smile, simile, go and look that one up too.

And Here is the Translation of Your Post:

Sometimes I wish I were a girl. At least I'd be less lonely. The Care Bears have round little butts and they make me happy. I have absolutely no redeeming qualities and I have worked very very hard at accomplishing this. I am Onideus_Mad_Hatter, Destroyer of Newsgroups. Well, at least I tell myself that to feel good. My body fills me with intense shame.

About the Hatter

Onideus_Mad_Hatter brings to the Portal of Evil a long glorious history of Usenet flamewar defeats and shitting in diapers. He flatly denies the overwhelming evidence that he is a complete fuckwad. His forum at PoE has grown very quickly, mainly due to OMH's obsessive posting - six times as much as anybody else, in fact. According to my database, OMH's signature keywords include "cl00", "diapers", and "Lego", and he is also very, very stupid.

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