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Just cut 'n' paste this text in response to any message on a UseNet newsgroup or PoE, Lego, or Adult Baby message board and YUO HAVE WON TEH ARGUMENT!

Your Mad Hatter post:

You'll spend the rest of your life desperately trying to pay off loans for all the crappy shit you bought for you and your worthless, oxygen wasting family. *snicker* Your only niche is trying to make fun of other people with more creativity than you have and doing a REALLY bad job of it. Um, there is only ONE page, you retard. Hence the reason I was going on and on about how incredible it was. I've figured out the problem...you're an idiot. Gee, that's funny, I could have sworn I just ripped and posted CCS Movie II over in alt.binaries.multimedia.anime. Not to mention all the other stuff I've ripped and encoded. ^_^ I've also noticed a few of the posters seem to be spending quite a bit of time in Google researching my posting history, which takes quite a bit of devotion in order to wade through so many thousands of posts looking for just the right lil tidbit to try and lame me with.

And Here is the Translation of Your Post:

Drooling on my chin makes me feel good. I am Onideus_Mad_Hatter, Destroyer of Newsgroups. Well, at least I tell myself that to feel good. Hey baby, wanna come cool wit me in my crib? You can change my diaper! Please ignore my history. My account of my past is entirely correct. Google is a tool of the devil. Sometimes I wish I were a girl. At least I'd be less lonely. Poop in diapers makes a nice squishy sound when you sit down! I eat Golden Cremes and leave the empty packages all over my nursery.

About the Hatter

Onideus_Mad_Hatter brings to the Portal of Evil a long glorious history of Usenet flamewar defeats and shitting in diapers. He flatly denies the overwhelming evidence that he is a complete fuckwad. His forum at PoE has grown very quickly, mainly due to OMH's obsessive posting - six times as much as anybody else, in fact. According to my database, OMH's signature keywords include "cl00", "diapers", and "Lego", and he is also very, very stupid.

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