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LOL, now don't confuse any of them, their lil heads might suddenly start to POP or something. Rarely do I ever bother with IRC chat rooms, I consider most of them to be...beneath my standing. I'm a KDE man myself, oh yeah, teh size of my penis is teh HUGEST, yo! The Mad Hatter...contradicting himself?! OMG WTF THIS MUST BE SOMETHING ENTIRELY NEW!!1!! So what's your excuse, Freako?

And Here is the Translation of Your Post:

Why do I make less sense than Twisted Cable? Drooling on my chin makes me feel good. The Care Bears have round little butts and they make me happy. I'm not potty-trained yet. Sometimes I speak in baby-talk.

About the Hatter

Onideus_Mad_Hatter brings to the Portal of Evil a long glorious history of Usenet flamewar defeats and shitting in diapers. He flatly denies the overwhelming evidence that he is a complete fuckwad. His forum at PoE has grown very quickly, mainly due to OMH's obsessive posting - six times as much as anybody else, in fact. According to my database, OMH's signature keywords include "cl00", "diapers", and "Lego", and he is also very, very stupid.

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