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At what point was I bragging? ^_^ Nah, if I was gonna destroy this place...I'd simply show up and say, "Hey, I sure like this place, think I'll stick around!" I actually feel sorta sorry for him...I mean, to suck so horribly at something but not have the sense to give it up and move on...*shudder*... I thought I told you to go home, kid? What are you still doing here? BTW, none of you will actually even come close to having enough intelligence to know just how funny and ironic what I said about you really is. Sorry to disapoint, Kookster, I know how much you wanted to try and feel less stupid about your own failing stupidity.

And Here is the Translation of Your Post:

My idea of a good time is being shat on. We'll get along just fine! I have poopy pants on because I am a big boy. Hey! Wanna see my erotic Care Bears fanart? Watch out or I'll give you the Care Bear stare! Please ignore my history. My account of my past is entirely correct. Google is a tool of the devil.

About the Hatter

Onideus_Mad_Hatter brings to the Portal of Evil a long glorious history of Usenet flamewar defeats and shitting in diapers. He flatly denies the overwhelming evidence that he is a complete fuckwad. His forum at PoE has grown very quickly, mainly due to OMH's obsessive posting - six times as much as anybody else, in fact. According to my database, OMH's signature keywords include "cl00", "diapers", and "Lego", and he is also very, very stupid.

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