Fortune Cookie Say

Fortune cookie sayings you hope never to see at a chinesse resturants......

1) You know you just ate a gallon of MSG
2) Why do people read these things?
3) That wasn't really pork
4) Breaking open Fortune Cookies brings bad luck
5) Did that duck taste a little raw
6) Don't turn around, your being watched
7) Inspected by #6
8) Nutritional Imformation: 300grams fat 600 calories........
9) You should expect..... Continued in next fortune cookie
10) Do you feel better now that there's one less fortune cookie
11) Wash hands before opening
12) Handling fortune cookies could be hazzardous to your health
13) Eatting fortune cookies has proven deadly to labratory animals
14) Thou shalt not consult fortune cookies
15) This fortune cookie will explode in 5 seconds.*boom*

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